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Dusty Fontaine

Dusty was born in Hollywood, Florida in 1956. His parents moved the family to Hartford, Connecticut when he was five years old where most of his childhood memories were made. Neighborhood games of kickball, football, and stickball were daily occurrences in front of his house on Arlington Street. No matter what the game, Dusty loved to run, and run fast. 


At age thirteen the family moved back to Florida, this time to the west coast Because of how spread out the city of Cape Coral was in 1970, there were not many opportunities for neighborhood games -- so Dusty relied on organized sports to spend his energy. He excelled at Little League, Babe Ruth and High School baseball and football. His running earned him the nickname of "Speedy" Dusty Fontaine in the Cypress Lake High School newspaper.


His love for writing came at an early age. He was accepted into the Institute of Children's Literature after writing "94 Arlington Street", a story about a stickball game in front of his home in Hartford in which his father hit a rubber ball through a screen door and into a new neighbor's bowl of cake batter. It was a true story. He later changed the title of the story to "A Bowl In One".     

His first children's book was written after most of his seven grandchildren were born. It's no wonder that "Billy and the Bees" is about a young boy who runs far and fast trying to outrun a swarm of bees. The story was entered in a writing contest titled, TELL A STORY IN RHYME on the writing community web site and won. It received such good reviews and suggestions to publish that Dusty did just that. The story was edited, illustrated and published in 2011. More "Billy" books are in the making.


He has written two other books since: "My Red Sea Experiences", true stories of small miracles that had a big impact on his life, and "I Saw My Christ", an illustrated poem about the passion of Christ.

Currently living in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife, Dina, of 37 years, Dusty is Pastor of a small Christian church still located in Cape Coral. He continues to write short stories for writing communities online and loves to write rhyming stories (both comical and serious) for family members on special occasions.


He doesn't run much anymore, except to chase after the grandkids.

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